Leveling the Playing Field


What We Do

Because we know that bikers face discrimination on the road, in the legal system and in our culture, Rider Justice strives to level the playing field by…

Standing up for Bikers

  • Free Traffic Ticket Support : We help motorcyclists fight the traffic tickets they receive, no matter who is supposedly at fault. We have seen too many motorcyclists receive the ticket when it’s the other guy’s fault or when the biker was doing nothing wrong. You have every right to ride, sport tattoos, wear a vest, join a club and enjoy the road. (We do not defend DUI or felony cases, however we can refer bikers to criminal counsel who will work with you for a discount.)

  • Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident: Rider Justice is the advocacy arm of the O’Sullivan Law Firm, which provides legal help to bikers who have been injured or killed in an accident. Too often, bikers are blamed for accidents that they didn’t cause. The O’Sullivan Law Firm has a 20-year history of winning motorcycle accident cases for bikers.

  • Free Insurance Review: We have found that the majority of bikers are underinsured and may even receive bad advice from their insurance agents. We review riders’ insurance for free and help them work with their agent to get the coverage they need. We know from experience that you can’t trust car drivers to carry enough coverage if they hurt you.

  • Legislative/Policy Advocacy: We work with lawmakers and like-minded organizations to create and support bills that make our roads safer for riders.

Educating the Community

  • Trainings: We host training events for both bikers and auto drivers. These trainings, hosted around the community and in motorcycle dealerships, cover everything from accident scene management to insurance reviews to motorcycle awareness.

  • Community Strength: We host events that foster the brotherhood and sisterhood of the motorcycle culture and community.

  • Raising Awareness: We regularly post articles on topics that are relevant to bikers and to anyone who cares about road safety in Colorado. Additionally, we developed The Denver Accident Map to raise awareness about the unacceptable level of accidents on Denver’s roads.

Giving Back to Bikers

We support organizations that do good in the biker community, including BikerDown, ABATE and CORD.


Why We Do It

Rider Justice was born from this conviction: Bikers have a right to ride safely and to enjoy equal rights under Colorado’s laws.


Scott O'Sullivan

"I go to all these biker rallies and there is a feeling of desperation because every single one of them can name a friend who was hit or killed by a distracted driver. They feel like they’re under assault."

~Rider Justice Founder


Scott O’Sullivan is founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm and he has been supporting the biker community for over 20 years, including board leadership, sponsorships and free legal advice to BikerDown. Additionally, over the past few years, Scott has been working with Colorado legislators to pass laws against distracted driving.

Then, in late 2017, Scott received a phone call that he says “was the final gut-punch” and the reason he founded Rider Justice.

“I got a call from a dad who was in a funeral home saying goodbye to his son. It staggered me. When we finally met, I learned that his son’s case was a classic bias-against-motorcycles case. The accident wasn’t his fault, but everything was being skewed against him. It’s enraging. If I don’t do something about it, who will?”

Scott decided to launch Rider Justice, an organization that champions bikers’ rights – on the road, in the courtroom and in our culture. The organization works to break the cycle of discrimination and distraction that leads non-bikers to dismiss, overlook and (consciously or unconsciously) harm people who just want to ride without a cage.