Uniting the Biker Family

In addition to our one-on-one Biker Support efforts, we work to connect and support the Colorado biker family through our work with the following organizations, dealerships and bars.


Dirty Dogs Roadhouse

Mark Miklos and Rob Tompkins have been buddies and bikers for over a decade. For many years, they talked about “one day” opening a biker bar together, so when a local bar in Golden, CO went on the market, they jumped in with both feet.



Using the collective power of the tight-knit biker community, this organization helps riders and their families get through the tough times by providing emotional support, financial advice, medical equipment and other services.


Randy Run for Fallen Bikers

Randy Savely knows what it’s like to face your worst nightmare. In March 2007, he was riding his motorcycle in Denver and was hit by a car. Due to his extensive injuries, Randy’s left leg was amputated at the knee.


Colorado Rider News

Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm are proud advertisers and contributors to Colorado Rider News, a local publication for bikers. We believe that motorcyclists need a publication – and a voice – for their issues, events, activities and interests. Colorado Rider News does a fantastic job covering and representing bikers in our beautiful state.



Coloradans Organized for Responsible Driving (CORD) was formed when bikers Brian and Jacquie Lehner were killed in a head-on collision by a woman who was reading a text message. CORD’s mission is to make it illegal to use a mobile device while driving and to increase awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm have worked hand-in-hand with CORD to fight for a hands-free driving bill in Colorado.


ABATE of Colorado

Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm champion ABATE of Colorado because we believe in the organization’s mission: “…to preserve freedom of the road, to unite motorcyclists, to promote fair legislation, safety and rider education and to provide a network for communication on issues affecting motorcyclists.” We especially work closely with ABATE on Accident Scene Management trainings and legislative advocacy work.


Clayton Pay it Forward (PIF)

Clayton PIF is a unique organization that brings together local merchants and local causes to create big impact. When you shop at a participating merchant, all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt, then submit it to Clayton PIF and designate it to a participating cause. The merchant agrees to pay a percentage of your purchase back to the cause of your choice. Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm love the grassroots, community-based impact of this program and we’re proud to sponsor and support their efforts.


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