The Denver Accident Map 


Knowledge is power. You can use the Denver Accident Map to find out what type of accidents are happening in Denver and plan your rides around dangerous areas and times.

Scott O’Sullivan funded the development of this map to help everyone who drives or rides to be more educated about when, where, and what kind of accidents are happening on Denver’s roads.

Clicking on the map to the left will bring you to the Denver Accident Map on The O’Sullivan Law Firm website.

Rider Up!


Rider UP! challenges car passengers to be the first to spot a motorcyclist and yell its location in relation to the car. “Rider LEFT! Rider RIGHT! Rider BACK! Rider UP!” The player who spots and yells first is the winner.

“Our goal is for this game to become as widespread as Slug Bug,” says O’Sullivan. “If we can train the next generation of drivers to look with intention for motorcyclists on the road, we will absolutely save lives, which is at the heart of the Rider Justice mission.”